How to solve the complexity of payment reconciliation for e-commerce? 

How to solve the complexity of payment reconciliation for e-commerce? 

Companies in the e-commerce, merchant, marketplace, PSP sector are all caught up and confronted by this harsh reality:  

« How does one effectively process and control incoming and outgoing payment flows? »

This is especially true when payment volumes are increasing, and marketplace, PSP and online store platforms are becoming increasingly dissimilar

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E-commerce payment reconciliation process: 4 key points to keep in mind 

Accounting management can be very complex when e-commerce sales volumes are high. Teams must: 

  • Process and reconcile all transaction logs from different providers, most of them in different formats. 
  • Check global payments from PSPs against actual transactions. 
  • Justify commission amounts of service providers. 
  • Quickly identify transaction discrepancies to effectively manage returns, unpaid invoices, etc. 

Why is automated payment reconciliation essential for e-commerce? 

Some merchants still use manual reconciliation, which consists of tracking incoming and outgoing payments using EXCEL spreadsheets. The consensus is that these practices are time-consuming, tedious and offer little added value, not to mention the risk of errors that can lead to dramatic year-end audit controls. Automated reconciliations are essential to save time and secure processing. Centralization and standardization are the keys to managing the diversity of e-commerce platforms

What's the key to meeting your challenges and mastering strong growth in e-commerce?

Centralize and Standardize your reconciliation

Your back-office and accounting teams need the means to work efficiently without having to manipulate different files to obtain the desired level of information or having to connect to different platforms to retrieve data. 

 CALIXYS is an all-in-one platform that automates, centralizes and standardizes all reconciliations between your various service providers and banks. 

The level of organization of the CALIXYS platform means you can quickly set up reconciliations between your marketplace, your stores, your PSPs and the banks. 
The centralization and standardization of financial data provides your accounting teams with enhanced visibility and rapid analysis capability. All information from source files is automatically imported and standardized.  Matching rules can be configured and adapted to each individual case.  

It’s easy to identify and classify discrepancies, and your teams have all the necessary information at their fingertips on a single platform, so they can quickly have an overview of all transactions. 

Organization and management become clearer and more fluid, whatever the marketplace, store or PSP used. Thus, your teams can concentrate on what’s important. Moreover, in terms of auditing, you can keep detailed records of all your transactions over several years. 


The CALIXYS platform supports your growth with a high degree of adaptability.  

Do you want to conquer new markets, diversify payment methods with PSPs, manage several points of sale at the same time, or even link your online business to marketplaces? 

Nothing could be simpler with the CALIXYS solution: you can add your new partners to your existing configurations, and benefit from industrialization functions for rapid duplication of the same reconciliation model. 

No longer tied to imposed models, you can streamline your reconciliation processes into a single solution and give your teams the means to exploit and analyze reliable data. 

The difference between the CALIXYS platform and other e-commerce reconciliation tools

Unlike other tools on the market, CALIXYS comes as a complete platform with powerful features for end-to-end reconciliation automation. The platform also enables multi-way reconciliation with multiple data sources, guaranteeing control of your transactions throughout the entire processing chain, regardless of the number of sources involved: 

  • Multi-format data import module with dynamic information transcription 
  • Matching engine with 100% customizable rules 
  • Integrated scheduler to automate processing chains 
  • Exception management module to identify, assign, classify and track all discrepancies.

With an integration and matching capacity of over 1 million transactions per minute, the CALIXYS platform is fully adapted to the constraints of the e-commerce sector.  

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