Reconciliation Management Applications

Reconcile and control all your financial data between your different business applications and quickly manage discrepancies


Automate your Reconciliations

Eliminate manual accounting processes to reduce risk through increased visibility.


Speed up the resolution of anomalies

Automatically detect and classify discrepancies with our exception handling module.


Always stay compliant

Respond quickly to regulatory pressure without affecting your productivity.

How Calixys facilitates business application reconciliation

The XREC solution from CALIXYS automates end-to-end data reconciliation, regardless of the source data to be processed. You simplify your daily control processes and normalise the data from your different applications. The solution allows our customers to perform regular reconciliations on all their business applications in order to identify any mismatch, thereby freeing their teams from daily manual tasks. 

Data from your internal or external systems is automatically ingested into the solution with an import module allowing data translation and enrichment. The reconciliations flexible structure allows it to fit perfectly with your desired configuration. The powerful matching engine of the XREC solution allows you to create complex highly accurate match rules and to automate them. 

Control indicators quickly identify divergances and allow you to manage the prioritisation and classification of the corrections to be made. You can then obtain an accurate overview of your various systems in the shortest possible time. 


« The flexibility of the XREC solution, the rapid implementation of functional requirements, and the active listening of the CALIXYS teams make the XREC solution an essential tool for ensuring optimal control and monitoring of MANGOPAY's transactional flows, as well as supporting the significant growth of the company and the flows under management. and the flows under management. »



Easy to implement and adapt

The XREC solution, multi-user, multi-currency, multilingual, simply usable with a web browser will easily adapt to your organisation whether it is for a local need or distribution in several countries. 

Available in SaaS or OnPremise mode with no loss of functionality, you free your teams from low value-added tasks by giving them the quick and easy means to utilise the data. 


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