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"XCERT provides all the Group's subsidiaries with a single, robust and efficient platform for documenting the reconciliation of more than 1,500 bank accounts. Its deployment in the 140 countries where we operate has enabled us to strengthen our controls and improve the speed of our analyses. "


"The adaptability of the Xrec solution to the diversity of matching rules makes this tool a central element in the monitoring of our daily operations. "

Alexis MICHARD, Head of Permanent Accounting and Financial Control, ORANGE BANK

"XREC is a major element in the control tower, enabling us to check that financial transactions are correctly accounted for. We now have automated reconciliations that save the business team a considerable amount of time. "

Olivier JEAN and Ronald MOUNIEN, Deputy CEO and Head of IS Finance, NICKEL

"The flexibility of XREC, the rapid implementation of functional requirements and the active listening of the CALIXYS teams mean that XREC is an essential tool for ensuring optimal control and monitoring of MANGOPAY's transactional flows, as well as supporting the significant growth of the company and the flows under management. "


"CALIXYS provides GENERALI France with advice and expertise on financial and accounting data reconciliation issues. We have been able to automate a very large number of data reconciliations. "

Christophe PRIVAT, Manager Commissionnemet, GENERALI

"XREC has enabled us to automate the reconciliation of our bank accounts with our accounting data, making the reports more reliable, saving processing time and facilitating the various levels of control thanks to a very clear organisation of the workspaces. "

Stéphanie MAUPEU, Accounting manager, BANQUE EDEL

" XREC has enabled us to automate the reconciliation of our foreign exchange positions by currency (Management vs Accounting). Better still, it enabled us to integrate the dynamic nature of the Gestion database and to import a history of over 10 years comprising more than 6 million transactions. Its flexibility (in terms of import, matching rules, display and export), its optimisation of processing times, its customised dashboards and the availability of the CALIXYS teams make it an indispensable tool for the control and reconciliation professions. "

Mustapha QUIZAD,Head Manager Accounting Control / Reconciliation & Regulatory Reporting. Group Capital Markets Middle Office, BANQUE CENTRALE POPULAIRE

" With XREC, not only have we been able to automate our gap analysis processes, but we have also given our business units complete autonomy to manage their day-to-day activities as effectively as possible. Thanks to the solution, they are able to process 100% of the data, allowing them to concentrate fully on the really problematic cases. Thank you to the entire Calixys team. "

Emeline DALLE, Product Manager IT Finance, LEROY MERLIN

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