PSP Reconciliation

Streamline, centralize and automate the reconciliation of transactions from your various PSPs (payment service providers).


Centralize your PSP reconciliation

Reconcile and control all your incoming and outgoing payments on a single platform.


Manage high volumes without constraints

Integrate and reconcile very high transaction volumes quickly and easily, with no loss of performance.


Productivity gains

Free your teams from low value-added tasks and empower them to fully exploit accurate financial data.

The multiplicity of PSPs you bring to your customers will make reconciliations complex. Transactions can be subject to chargebacks, cancellations and fees. If you manually manage reconciliations for each of your PSPs on different platforms, the risk of error can be high.

A flexible, high-performance solution

The XREC solution has been designed for total flexibility of configuration and parameterization (data input and output formats, matching rules, processing orchestrator, automatic gap management, dashboard, consultation screen, etc.). XREC adapts exactly to your needs, not the other way around.

Its simple organizational concept makes it easy to add new sources or new PSPs, and gives you a precise overview of all your transactions.

« The flexibility of the XREC solution, the rapid implementation of functional requirements, and the active listening of the CALIXYS teams mean that the XREC solution is an essential tool for ensuring optimal control and monitoring of MANGOPAY's transactional flows, as well as supporting the significant growth of the company and the flows under management. »



Automated identification of discrepancies

Give yourself the means to save time and increase productivity.  The XREC solution, with its exception management module, automatically identifies and classifies discrepancies by type, according to your criteria. You’ll automatically obtain a highly accurate view of discrepancies and be able to initiate resolution workflows.

Multi-party reconciliation

Synchronize multi-source reconciliations from end to end with our multi-party reconciliation technology. Whichever configuration you choose, you can determine pivot sources with multi-directional transaction matching.  

You can perform tripartite reconciliations such as: BO (backoffice transaction log) vs PSP (transaction log) vs Bank (global remittance), quadripartite, etc …

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