A platform that meets banks’ performance requirements.

More than ever, banks (investment, private, retail, neo-banking, etc.) are under intense regulatory pressure.

Increasing transaction volumes are heightening the complexity for downstream, back-office and middle-office teams to process information and ensure accurate control of financial transactions. Regulatory authorities are urging companies to implement strategies for operational resilience, and to strengthen financial governance by adopting control processes that are equal to the challenge.

The ability to access accurate data quickly, whatever the volume, is a major growth challenge, and one that CALIXYS can help you meet.

A platform that meets banks' performance requirements

The CALIXYS platform covers all a bank’s data reconciliation and justification requirements: Finance, Investment, Treasury, Payment Instruments, Cards, Accounting, ATMs, etc., and handles very large volumes of data with ease and high performance. It easily combines simple to complex reconciliations (multi-source).

It facilitates collaboration, enabling team exchanges and exception follow-up actions. You gain greater visibility of your financial data and overview of the resolution of discrepancies.


Manage all types of reconciliation with our highly scalable platform


Facilitate collaboration between your finance and accounting teams


Easily handle very high transaction volumes

Strengthen your financial governance with automated controls

Respond to regulatory pressure on time without affecting your productivity, thanks to numerous automation functions for reconciling financial data and justifying accounts. Fully adapted user profiles with different levels of accreditation and segregation of duties.

Common repositories that can be quickly configured. Full traceability of the transaction lifecycle. A complete platform audit trail ensures clear and precise visibility of all system configurations and actions.

Mitigate risk with fully centralized data management


Reduce financial losses due to non-justification

Implement an efficient strategy for controlling your financial data

« The power and adaptability of the XREC solution, in the face of the diversity of matching rules we need, makes this tool a central element in the monitoring of our daily operations. »


Head of Permanent Control, Orange Bank

Our solutions for banking


The end-to-end reconciliation solution that guarantees the completeness of your financial data.


The accounts justification solution that guarantees the quality and traceability of your period closing processes.

Data Management and Accuracy

Significantly reduce data completeness and quality issues in a multi-ERP context and with disparate information systems.

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Less time spent closing accounts

Reduced financial losses due to non-justification

Less time spent managing reconciliations