XCERT Accounting Close

Standardize and automate account justification to improve audit and period closing processes with XCERT Justification.

XCERT Accounting close the right solution for your company's financial closing

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« XCERT provides all the Group's subsidiaries with a single, robust and efficient platform for documenting the reconciliation of more than 1,500 bank accounts. Its deployment in the 140 countries where we operate has enabled us to strengthen our controls and improve the speed of our analyses. »

François CHABAS



A single platform for total control

Reduce your dependence on obsolete spreadsheets and tools. Centralize, harmonize and structure all your reconciliation and justification processes on a robust, high-performance application base.

Reduce analysis time and increase efficiency

Free your teams from low value-added tasks by simplifying and automating end-to-end reconciliation and justification processes, right through to the precise identification of discrepancies.

High, fast ROI

Rapid deployment with ergonomic, intuitive interfaces. Compatible with all your financial IS tools. The platform's high levels of flexibility and automation meet your challenges.

Accelerate your accounting processes

In the face of regulatory pressures, the XCERT solution from the CALIXYS platform offers a modern approach to finance and accounting departments by eliminating manual tasks and reducing reliance on spreadsheets.

A solution that standardizes and automates balance justifications for your suspense, cash, third-party, fixed asset and other accounts during accounting reviews, enabling finance and accounting teams to concentrate on high value-added subjects.

Improve your accounting overview before the annual closing with XCERT Accounting close

The XCERT solution lets you set up monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or customizable accounting balance justifications.

With its multi-level workflow (submitter, approver, validator), you strengthen your accounting balance control process by qualifying the justification, identifying discrepancies and defining actions to regularize your accounts.

You’ll have a clear, precise view of your accounts throughout the financial year, ensuring compliance before your annual closing date.

All supporting processes are centralized, archived and available for consultation at any time.

Ensure regulatory compliance with the XCERT Accounting close

The XCERT solution helps ensure regulatory and corporate compliance. 

The risk of errors or control failures is minimized thanks to a complete audit of actions in the solution. The quality and speed of the closing process are improved by automating and eliminating manual tasks in the justification of your accounts.

Each step in the account justification process is fully traceable, with a dedicated audit trail.

You can compare changes in accounts at any given period to check the relevance of actions taken.


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