Security and Confidentiality

Our processes and solutions offer a high level of security and data confidentiality.

Customer security and confidentiality are top priorities

Security and confidentiality practices are integrated into all our processes, and the solution features a high level of cryptography for data transfer and storage. Many customers with stringent security requirements, such as banks and insurance companies, trust CALIXYS hosting services.


Authentication to the XREC solution is via a TLS 2.0 web portal with Certifcat SSL RSA 2048. You can activate two-factor authentication and SSO mode, compatible with most IDPs on the market.

Data hosting

CALIXYS works in partnership with hosting providers that meet the highest security standards: PCI-DSS, ISO/IEC 27001, SOC 1 TYPE II AND SOC 2 TYPE II. Your data is sensitive to the location of the Data Center, which is why CALIXYS can offer you different geographical zones. As far as France is concerned, your data remains on French territory, within the European area.

Data security and confidentiality

Our customers' environments feature a high level of encryption: Encryption/Decryption of source files: all files sent or received can be encrypted using industry-standard modes. AES 128/256 Encryption of sensitive fields in the database: highly sensitive information can be encrypted directly in the tables. This is why all customer database backups are encrypted.

General Data Protection Regulation

The European Parliament adopted the General Data Protection Regulation on April 14, 2016. CALIXYS is a French company that is part of the European area and is itself subject to this regulation. Since 2016, CALIXYS has implemented the necessary resources and processes to meet the requirements of the GDPR and protect your personal data. Thus, all our contracts include the clauses of the GDPR and the commitments made by CALIXYS.

Implementation & Training

CALIXYS supports you at your own pace in implementing its platform and in the digital transformation of financial and accounting control processes.

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