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A robust, flexible, high-performance technology base for finance and accounting teams

The CALIXYS Cloud or OnPremise platform has been specially designed for financial data reconciliation and accounting and financial control processes. You free your teams from low value-added tasks. No more high costs for oversized solutions, no more scattered obsolete applications or spreadsheets.

CALIXYS solutions benefit from proven software technology combining simplicity, ergonomics, performance and stability. 100% developed in France, our research & development team is constantly improving our solutions. The Cloud platform is hosted by service providers with the highest security standards: PCI-DSS, ISO/IEC 27001, SOC 1 TYPE II AND SOC 2 TYPE II. Access can be granted in SSO mode.


Manage large volumes of data

The platform can easily handle volumes of several hundred million transactions per day. This enables you to maintain a high level of detail for your controls and analyses, unlike other solutions on the market whose performance collapses with volume, and which require you to aggregate your data.


Centralise your reconciliations

For finance and accounting teams, it's an opportunity to use a platform that centralizes all reconciliation and financial control processes. Teams work together on a common base that facilitates exchanges and the resolution of identified discrepancies. Key information becomes fast, clear and accurate and the vision becomes global.


Flexibility to deal with different needs

The undeniable advantage of our technology is the flexibility of our solutions to handle different needs. Because we know that every company's activity and the structure of its financial information systems are different, our solutions have been designed with total flexibility of parameterization in mind (data input and output formats, matching rules, processing orchestrator, dashboard, consultation screen, etc.). It's not up to you to adapt to our platform, it's up to our solutions to adapt exactly to your needs.


Effective strategy for controlling financial data

For management, it's an opportunity to put in place a long-term financial data control strategy based on a robust foundation, to make the Financial IS more reliable by producing accurate financial statements, detecting errors and fraud quickly, and reducing year-end financial losses.

XREC the complete solution for managing end-to-end reconciliations

XREC automates and simplifies all end-to-end financial data reconciliation processes. Data collection, enrichment, matching, detection and classification of discrepancies, allocation of resolution workflows.

XREC easily manages large volumes of data in record time, reduces risk and eliminates manual processes and repetitive tasks.

Save time and focus on the essentials.


XCERT, the unique solution for making your justification processes faster and more reliable

XCERT standardizes and automates account justification processes, centralizes exchanges and the main actions of teams, and gives management a 360° view of the state of the process.

Audit and full traceability of actions reinforce the quality of the process and enable you to respond calmly to regulatory pressure.

Make your controls more accurate by eliminating dependency on spreadsheets

Ongoing development of the CALIXYS platform


We keep abreast of regulatory developments and anticipate market trends to offer you relevant and effective functionalities.

Whatever your business or size, we listen to all our customers and future customers. We pay particular attention to their comments and feedback on areas for improvement.

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Customer participation

After an internal validation process, we include in our roadmap most of the recommendations expressed by our customers, insofar as they contribute to improving the product’s ergonomics or functionality.

In this respect, we carry out several updates a year, as customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. All updates to our SAAS-mode solution are free of charge.


All-in-One Platform

Eliminate your dependencies on Excel spreadsheets and other inflexible, disparate IS tools. Use a robust, reliable foundation to structure your controls.

Productivity Gain

Free your teams from low value-added tasks and give them the means to fully exploit accurate financial data.

100% complete audit

Strengthen your financial governance and respond calmly to regulatory pressure thanks to a complete audit and traceability of processes and actions.

A platform favoured by finance departments

Find out what our customers have to say, and how Calixys is supporting them in their digital transformation.

"The XCERT solution provides all Group subsidiaries with a single, robust and efficient platform for documenting reconciliations of over 1,500 bank accounts. Its deployment in the 140 countries where we operate has enabled us to reinforce our controls and improve the speed of our analyses."

François CHABAS

EVP CFO, Bureau Veritas

"The flexibility of the XREC solution, the rapid implementation of functional requirements, and the active listening of the CALIXYS teams mean that the XREC solution is an essential tool for ensuring optimal control and monitoring of MANGOPAY's transactional flows, as well as supporting the significant growth of the company and the flows under management."


CFO, Mangopay

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