Gaming /PSP Reconciliation

Centralize payment providers, gaming platforms, and all systems for lightning-fast transaction and balance reconciliation !


Centralize your Gaming/PSP reconciliation

Reconcile and control all your incoming, outgoing and reserve payments and fees on a single platform.


Manage high volumes without constraint!

Integrate and reconcile very high transaction volumes quickly and easily, without any loss of performance


Gain Productivity

Free your team from low value-added tasks and empower them to fully exploit accurate financial data.

Level Up: Overcoming Transaction Reconciliation Challenges in Gaming Platforms

Gaming platforms face several major challenges when it comes to reconciling transactions with payment service providers (PSPs). The large volume of transactions across multiple currencies and the complexity due to fee charging, foreign exchange differences and reserves are making this task difficult and time-consuming. While the diverse data sets and reports from various PSP’s is an additional challenge. Aligning and ensuring the accuracy of data from multiple sources is a major difficulty in the reconciliation process.


Faultless Reliability: Zero Error, Zero Risk

Automation ensures maximum accuracy and eliminates the risk of errors. By reducing manual processes prone to inaccuracies, the solution ensures accurate matching of financial data between gaming platforms and PSPs. This infallible reliability reduces operational risks and increases confidence in financial reporting and analysis.

Mastering Reconciliation: Precision at Gaming Speed

XREC enables automated reconciliations between gaming platforms and PSPs at lightning speed. Time-consuming manual processes are replaced by fast, accurate operations, dramatically reducing the time needed to align and validate financial transactions. As a result, Users can save time and concentrate on higher value-added tasks, speeding up financial operations. 


Stress-free compliance: guaranteed transparency

The XREC solution gives you complete visibility and traceability of reconciliation operations. This transparency enhances regulatory compliance by facilitating audits and meeting regulatory requirements. By guaranteeing meticulous tracking of transactions, it ensures fautless compliance, enabling businesses to navigate a complex regulatory environment with confidence. 

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