Centralize and efficiently manage the reconciliation of high-volume e-commerce and retail transactions between different sources: Marketplace, Backoffice, PSP, Acquirer, etc.

The D2C (Direct to Consumer) model has also seen real growth in recent years, involving direct online sales using a variety of payment methods.

To remain competitive and avoid penalizing your production, you need to carry out effective reconciliations throughout the cycle. It is necessary to correctly account for numerous transactions via different sources and players (back-office, banks, marketplaces and PSPs). In this way, inventories and payments are properly controlled and verified. Errors are identified and dealt with more quickly.

The ability to access accurate data quickly, whatever the volume, is a major growth challenge that CALIXYS can help you meet.

Centralize your multi-source reconciliations

The Calixys platform enables you to centralize reconciliations with your various sources: banks, marketplaces, PSPs, acquirers and your accounts. Whatever your B2C or B2B model

Manage very large volumes of data with ease and high performance. Use our multi-party technology for multi-source reconciliations.

With CALIXYS, you can make your financial data more accurate by quickly reconciling your data, quickly detecting errors and ensuring your company’s compliance.


Automate your end-to-end reconciliations and quickly detect anomalies.

Reduce the complexity of multi-source reconciliations.


Easily handle very high transaction volumes.

Implement an efficient strategy for controlling your financial data

Eliminate manual actions and processes

Eliminate spreadsheet dependencies and reduce operational risks

Our XREC solution automates data integration and matching, and automatically categorizes discrepancies. This facilitates the actions of middle office and back-office teams by providing fast, reliable means of allocating and analysing results.

Fully configurable dashboards can display the key indicators required by your company. A complete audit trail ensures clear visibility of all configurations and actions carried out within the platform.

Eliminate manual actions and spreadsheets to focus on value-added tasks.

Save time, cut costs and increase overall efficiency with automation.


Free up staff to focus on exceptions and data analysis.

« The flexibility of the XREC solution, the rapid implementation of functional requirements, and the active listening of the CALIXYS teams mean that the XREC solution is an essential tool for ensuring optimal control and monitoring of MANGOPAY's transactional flows, as well as supporting the significant growth of the company and the flows under management. »



Our solutions for Ecommerce and retail


The end-to-end reconciliation solution that guarantees the completeness of your financial data.


The accounts justification solution that guarantees the quality and traceability of your period closing processes.

Data Management and Accuracy

Significantly reduce data completeness and quality issues in a multi-ERP context and with disparate information systems.

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Less time spent closing accounts

Reduced financial losses due to non-justification

Less time spent managing reconciliations