Data Management and Accuracy

Make decisions with reliable and accurate data management.

Efficient solutions for the management and accuracy of financial data

Data accuracy is a key factor in the development and growth of a company.

The issues of data completeness and quality are becoming even more important in the current context of globalization and the increasing volumes of data to be processed, particularly in the banking, insurance and e-commerce sectors.

The CALIXYS platform handles hundreds of millions of transactions very quickly and easily.

Get accurate source data

The CALIXYS platform ensures the accuracy of your financial data, thanks to its numerous data collection, matching, identification and de-duplication functions. Automated data collection processes help you guarantee the quality of imported data. Automated matching processes help ensure the completeness of your data and allow you to act quickly on any real discrepancies.

Correctly process and manage your financial data

Analysis processes can quickly become time-consuming when the level of information is low and information is decentralized. With the CALIXYS platform, data quickly becomes available, giving business teams in different departments the means to analyse situations based on accurate information.

Harmonization and centralization

With the CALIXYS platform, you can centralize financial data sources and quickly detect anomalies. Problems of data completeness and quality in a multi-ERP context are significantly reduced. As a result, you can quickly obtain key information that can be used by your teams.

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The end-to-end reconciliation solution that guarantees the completeness of your financial data.


The accounts justification solution that guarantees the quality and traceability of your period closing processes.

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