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Thanks to our team of R&D experts, Calixys continues to evolve and innovate features to improve your daily reconciliation processes.

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We are committed to providing value to our clients and working with them to design more dynamic processes.

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Our team of experts collaborates in an agile way to adapt to customer needs. This promotes the development of our services.

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We are publishers of solutions specialising in the control and reconciliation of financial operations with over 20 years of experience. 

The reconciliation of transactions and accounts is a cross-functional activity. We are talking about banking, securities, E-Commerce, cash, invoices, market operations, balance sheet etc. The list is long and goes beyond the notion of financial data. 

Our knowledge of the problems encountered during our missions has led us to conceptualise and then implement solutions capable of meeting the requirements of companies in the simplification, automation and harmonisation of end-to-end reconciliation processes. 

Our different areas of expertise


We have the technological expertise to improve, develop and design new features and modules for the platform.


We support you in the management of projects for the implementation of the cross-functional solution for various financial services. Our consultants can help you to implement your business requirements for data reconciliation and certification of accounts.


We manage the deployment, operational maintenance and support of our solutions in private cloud infrastructures or on site.

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