XREC Reconciliation

Integrate, reconcile and justify your most complex data with XREC Reconciliation.

Quickly and easily match and reconcile your financial data with Xrec Reconciliation

Xrec streamlines and automates all financial data reconciliation processes. Data collection, enrichment, matching, discrepancy detection and classification, resolution workflow allocation, justification, archiving.

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A single solution for total control

Reduce your dependence on obsolete spreadsheets and tools. Centralize and harmonize all your reconciliation processes on a robust, high-performance application base.

Fast, substantial ROI

Significantly reduce operating costs. Refocus your teams on high value-added activities. Gain compliance thanks to a complete audit trail

Make your financial data more reliable

Make decisions based on accurate data. Reduce data completeness and quality issues.

A flexible, high-performance foundation

The Xrec reconciliation solution benefits from proven software technology combining simplicity, ergonomics and performance.

Xrec has been designed for total flexibility of configuration and parameterization (data input and output formats, matching rules, processing orchestrator, automatic gap management, dashboard, consultation screen, etc.) to meet all types of reconciliation requirements.

xrec reconciliation

Automatic exception handling

Rapidly reconciling data is all well and good, but automatically identifying and classifying discrepancies is even better. Xrec’s exception management module automatically identifies and classifies discrepancies by type, according to your criteria. You won’t waste any more time, and you’ll be able to concentrate on the essentials.

Very high data volumes

The Xrec solution can handle volumes of several hundred million transactions per day without any loss of performance. You no longer need to aggregate your data for reconciliation. This allows you to maintain a high level of detail for your controls and analyses.

Rapid implementation

The Xrec solution is easy to use, with clear data organization concepts. For local or international needs (multilingual).  Our teams get to grips with the solution quickly and intuitively.

As experts in this field, we can support you at your own pace throughout the implementation and migration process.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Fully adapted profiles are available in the solution to distribute rights between users. Full traceability of the transaction lifecycle enables reliable auditing of accounts, and all actions are audited.

A reconciliation certification workflow defines who submits, who approves and who validates. Reports are automatically archived and can be consulted directly in the solution.


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The adaptability of the Xrec solution to the diversity of matching rules makes this tool a central element in the monitoring of our daily operations.



Head of Permanent Accounting and Financial Control


Xrec’s flexibility, rapid implementation of functional requirements, and active listening to CALIXYS teams make it an essential tool for ensuring optimal control and monitoring of transactional flows.




CALIXYS provides advice and expertise on the reconciliation of financial and accounting data. We have been able to automate a large number of data reconciliations.


Christophe PRIVAT

Manager Commissionnemet

XREC for all types of reconciliation

1 single solution for all types of reconciliation, whatever your needs or sector of activity, the XREC solution adapts.

We offer cloud technology with intelligent matching algorithms to integrate and compare any data set in seconds.

Payment volumes by card and bank transfer continue to grow. Companies need robust solutions to monitor actual payments and detect erroneous reconciliations.

Reduce operational risk and manage discrepancies with centralized, automated control of transactions between different systems.


Reduce the complexities of multi-source reconciliations with integrated multi-party matching to avoid data redundancy.

Solutions for the reconciliation of securities and other financial instruments for transactions and assets, improving the efficiency of anomaly resolution.

Reinforce your controls and visibility for bank and financial reconciliations, general ledger, nostro accounts, internal accounts and suspense accounts.


A powerful control system that guarantees data consistency and reliability throughout the entire STP transaction processing chain, from execution to settlement.


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