XREC Solution

Streamlines the reconciliation process of your most complex data

 Reconcile your accouting and financial data quickly and easily with the XREC solution

We are in the age of digital transformation with high competition all around. Are you still using manual spreadsheets to reconciling your transactional data? Why not get ahead of the curve and get a solution that will cut inefficient use of skilled personnel’s time on manual tasks?

XREC is a perfect reconciliation solution to replace manual spreadsheets – You take control of your data, minimise the risk and improve the efficiency of your day-to-day operations with high-level transparency and governance.


Instantly check, reconcile, match and rationalise all transactional data from any source


Straightforward to set up and maintain due to its innovative and intuitive architecture and functions



Allows reconciliation and matching across different transactional data and Industry sectors

The XREC Solution – The GLOBAL
reconciliation and matching solution


  • Automation of data import, reconciliation, matching, and reporting
  • High volume matching between any transactional data, both internal and external with lightning speed and great accuracy
  • 100% configurable matching rules (1-1, 1-m, m-m) with true multi-parties reconciliation function
  • Support retroactive bank reconciliations of a previous period
  • Reconcile and match data in any format. Zero coding needed to read all your source files and import transactional data
  • Break management functionality for discrepancies facilitating exchanges and ongoing analyses & explanation plus tracking resolution actions – allocation of follow-ups, attachments to transactions, resolution, etc.
  • Comprehensive audit trails for further follow-up and resolution
  • Export functionality which enables transactional data along with reconciliation and matching results to your ERPs
  • Customisable dashboards with KPI’s for accurate and detailed reporting
  • Long-term archiving features for all your transactional data and historical reconciliation results
screenview 3 xrec solution


Organise and reconcile your data quickly and efficiently, by ‘Entity’ and ‘Reconciliation Cube’ by simply determining the reconciliation type and nature of the data.

The feature-rich solution enables you to manage and optimally control your reconciliations: input, modification, auto and manual matching, automatic allocation of differences, certification by key steps and more.

screenview 3 xrec solution


Automate all your reconciliation processes with an internal scheduler. Determine the times you want to start processing and receive alerts and notification by e-mail on status.

Save time and costs by industrialising your processes. You can design rules and procedures to apply for many reconciliations and matching types, making further development cost savings for the future. It also allows the user to duplicate pre-configured environments or create a new setting for reconciliation and matching.

screenview 4 xrec solution
screenview 4 xrec solution


A comprehensive and regulator compliant user rights management function is fully embedded in the solution.

Managers have full visibility and traceability of the transaction lifecycle that monitors all audit points within your process. A complete and comprehensive ‘audit trail’ of all actions carried out on the platform are recorded: Typically ‘submitted’, ‘approved’ and ‘validated’.

These actions are stored for later interrogation within the solution, which fulfils the mandatory regulatory requirement.

screenview 4 xrec solution


The security of your data is an absolute priority for CALIXYS.

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Implementation & Training

CALIXYS supports your implementation of the solution at your own pace.

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Your satisfaction is our priority. We carry out several updates per year.

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Time for a real transformation

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