Implementation and Training

Agile, rapid, customized implementation and training on the Calixys platform.

Implementation and Training of the CALIXYS platform for your company

CALIXYS supports you at your own pace in implementing the CALIXYS platform and in the digital transformation of your financial and accounting control processes.



We work with you to define the various reconciliation scopes, to gather and formalize all your requirements.


Parameterization (POC)

CALIXYS sets the parameters in the solution and starts integrating your test sets to validate the reconciliation.



We offer two types of training: dedicated administrator training and business training.

Go Live

We take your environment into production mode and continue to support you during the production start-up phase.

Implementation and training: Business and technical expertise: Our key strength

We offer you a flexible financial control solution that adapts to your ERP systems. The solution brings real added value to your existing process, in the reconciliation of your financial operations and in the certification of accounts, thanks to an automated end-to-end cycle, from the integration of your data into the solution, to the reconciliation or certification status. We offer tailor-made support. Our consultants will support and advise you, while considering the risks associated with your business.

The mock-up: the ideal way to quickly check if CALIXYS is the right solution

A mock-up is the ideal choice when you want to understand whether the CALIXYS solution can meet your needs. That's why, before launching an implementation project, we offer our customers the opportunity to create a mock-up on precise perimeters to evaluate the solution's performance and functionalities. If you're happy with the results of the mock-up, you can keep the settings and go into production.

Implementation and training: Project department: Tailor-made support

Our agile team proposes to deploy your project in an incremental and iterative way, following key milestones. Steering resources are shared between you and us. You are kept informed of project progress on a weekly basis. Discussions take place on site or via remote sessions.

Security and Confidentiality

The security of your data is a top priority for CALIXYS. Our platform meets your needs for data security, compliance and identity management.

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