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Automate and streamline your account reconciliation process with XREC solution

CALIXYS’ XREC solution streamlines and automates your account reconciliations and matching to simplify, speed up and apply economies of scale to your day-to-day processes and enhance visibility over all your accounts.

How does calixys facilitate your Account reconciliation processes ?

The view of your accounts is only limited by your requirements and imagination, which will result in a centralised and coherent view of all your transactional data. The easily configurable matching and reconciliation rules will apply automatically to your transactional accounts, resulting in high accuracy. Our matching rates are circa 99%.

Whether it’s for bank reconciliations, financial reconciliations, general ledger reconciliations, NOSTRO accounts, suspense accounts, accounts receivable and payable, or internal accounts, your accounting transactional data will automatically ingest into CALIXYS’ XREC solution.

Within typically minutes, depending on the size of the dataset, you will be viewing your transactional data in the format you choose, quickly identifying and classifying breaks thanks to our exception management module.



  • Break management functionality for discrepancies facilitating exchanges and ongoing analyses & explanation plus tracking resolution actions – allocation of follow-ups, attachments to transactions, resolution, etc.
  • Comprehensive audit trails for further follow-up and resolution
  • High volume matching between any transactional data, both internal and external with lightning speed and great accuracy
  • Match and reconcile all your accounts quickly with fully configurable matching rules
  • Zero codings needed to read all your source files, import transactional data, obtain key information
  • Export functionality which enables transactional data along with reconciliation and matching results to your current enterprise resource planning (ERP) system
  • Customisable dashboards with KPI’s for accurate and detailed reporting
  • Long-term archiving features for all your transactional data and historical reconciliation results


Processing account reconciliations are often time-consuming and complex, especially if the tools cannot process high volumes of transactional data.

CALIXYS’ XREC solution, built on leading-edge technology, reduces the complexity of data reconciliation and matching by identifying all essential information, giving you the ability to create precise matching rules in order to match the data in the way you prefer.

Your teams can then focus and remediate real breaks, without the fog of all transactional data.


The security of your data is an absolute priority for CALIXYS.

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Implementation & Training

CALIXYS supports your implementation of the solution at your own pace.

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Your satisfaction is our priority. We carry out several updates per year.

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