Account Reconciliation

Modernize and automate your end-to-end account reconciliation and matching processes to detect exceptions faster.


Automate your account reconciliation

Eliminate manual and repetitive tasks by automating all your account matching processes.


Improve account reconciliation quality and accuracy

Automate matching with flexible, structured rules, defined precisely to your criteria for each case and each account.


Accelerate anomaly resolution

Let the solution automatically identify and classify any exceptions detected (error, pending payment, etc.). A resolution workflow enables you to track each case precisely.

Quickly identify exceptions and improve the accuracy of your account reconciliation process

Calixys’ XREC solution is highly scalable and comprehensive with end-to-end functionality.

Whether you need to match your accounts receivable, accounts payable, class 4 or other accounting accounts, the solution meets your company’s compliance requirements and gives you a clear, accurate view of your accounts.

Flexible account organization gives you a centralized, consistent view. The matching and reconciliation rules automatically linked to your accounts are all configurable and highly accurate, enabling matching rates close to 99%.

You get an accurate overview of your accounts in the minimum of time. You can quickly identify and classify discrepancies thanks to an exception management module.

« XREC is a major element in the control tower, enabling us to check that financial transactions are properly accounted for. We're back to automated reconciliations, which save the business team a considerable amount of time. »

Olivier JEAN and Ronald MOUNIEN

Deputy CEO and Head of IS Finance at Nickel

Free your teams from low value-added tasks

Accounting reconciliation is often time-consuming and complex if the tools in place are not up to the job.

CALIXYS’ XREC solution, based on powerful, flexible technology, reduces the complexity of your data by identifying key information, giving you the ability to create precise matching rules on transactions so they can be matched quickly.

In this way, your teams can quickly validate and analyse financial data, focusing on the real discrepancies.

As a multi-user, multi-currency and multi-lingual solution, XREC can easily adapt to your organization, whether for a local need or for distribution across several countries.


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