Modernize your transaction and account internal control tools and processes with the Calixys platform. Ensure the accuracy of your financial data, automate manual processes and strengthen your company’s compliance.

Whatever your sector of activity (banking, insurance, market finance, PSP, Marketplace, E-commerce, retail, industry, etc.) and whatever the size of your company, you are directly involved in the increasingly important issues of completeness and quality of financial data.

More than ever, corporate finance and accounting teams are under pressure to justify transactions and accounts. Increasing data volumes are making information processing more complex and controls more difficult. Excel spreadsheets are no longer sufficient to cope with these complexities.

The ability to access accurate data and manage hundreds of millions of transactions quickly and easily is a major growth challenge, and one that CALIXYS can help you meet.

Free your teams from low value-added tasks


No more obsolete, inflexible tools scattered across internal departments, often wasting your teams’ time. Our Calixys platform centralizes, automates and streamlines all your account reconciliation and justification processes, eliminating all repetitive, manual tasks.

Our intuitive, collaborative interfaces facilitate exchanges between employees and departments, and speeds up the resolution of detected exceptions. This enables your finance teams to concentrate on higher value-added tasks.

Give your teams the means to:

Quickly detect reconciliation problems and fraud


Produce reliable reconciliation and justification statements


Limit manual actions that increase the risk of errors

Strengthen your company's internal controls

Reliable financial data thanks to automated controls

Our platform automates data collection processes and helps you guarantee the quality of imported data, whatever the input format. Automated end-to-end reconciliations help you guarantee the completeness of financial data between your different applications and enables you to act quickly on any real discrepancies.

The Calixys platform enables you to respond more rapidly to regulatory challenges, and to ensure the accuracy of your financial information systems, so that your company can move forward with confidence:

Significantly reduce your operational risks


Make rapid decisions based on accurate data

Respond calmly to regulatory pressure in your sector

« XREC is a major element in the control tower, enabling us to check that financial transactions are properly accounted for. We're back to automated reconciliations, which save the business team a considerable amount of time. »


Olivier JEAN and Ronald MOUNIEN Managing Director and IS Manager Finance, Nickel

Our solutions for your internal control


The end-to-end reconciliation solution that guarantees the completeness of your financial data.


The accounts justification solution that guarantees the quality and traceability of your period closing processes.

Data Management and Accuracy

Our innovative platform will allow ingestion and normalisation of data from any source whatever the format.

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Less time spent closing accounts

Reduced financial losses due to non-justification

Less time spent managing reconciliations