CALIXYS supports the insurance sector in automating financial control processes and complying with IFRS 17 reporting requirements.


More than ever, insurance companies are faced with reconciliation management risks due to the growing volume of data.

The importance of data in the insurance business is constantly increasing for prudential reporting, financial reporting and claims payments. This can quickly become complicated for insurance companies who still use Excel to process, analyse and format data leading to cost risks, time-consuming processing and lack of flexibility.

How can data be reconciled efficiently to ensure completeness ?

The ability to meet reporting requirements on time and to process reliable financial data are major growth challenges that CALIXYS can help you meet.

Guarantee data quality in your management applications


The CALIXYS platform is designed to address the problem of data completeness between different management applications, thanks to automated reconciliations. You can quickly detect anomalies and fraud, and quickly apply the necessary corrections. You can increase the accuracy of your day-to-day financial data and reduce annual financial losses.

By automating all your financial control processes and exception handling, your team can concentrate on higher value-added tasks. You give them the means to quickly utilise and analyse financial data.

Increase the accuracy of financial data in your business applications and reduce risks

Automate your control processes to save time and increase productivity

Significantly reduce annual losses due to non-justification

Strengthen your governance and reporting obligations under IFRS 17

Respond more quickly to regulatory pressure and IFRS 17 reporting requirements without affecting your productivity. The platform enables you to implement a sustainable strategy for your financial controls thanks to reconciliation and justification functions.


Configurable dashboards display all your results, giving you total control over your data and the status of your financial processes.


Strong response to regulatory requirements

Audit trail 100% compliant with regulations


Implement an efficient strategy for controlling your financial data

« CALIXYS provides GENERALI France with advice and expertise on the reconciliation of financial and accounting data. We have been able to automate a very large number of data reconciliations. »

Christophe PRIVAT

Manager Commissionnemet, Generali France

Our solutions for Insurance


The end-to-end reconciliation solution that guarantees the completeness of your financial data.


The accounts justification solution that guarantees the quality and traceability of your period closing processes.

Data Management and Accuracy

Significantly reduce data completeness and quality issues in a multi-ERP context and with disparate information systems.

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Less time spent closing accounts

Reduced financial losses due to non-justification

Less time spent managing reconciliations