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The best choice to streamline and automate your reconciliation and financial close process

By choosing CALIXYS, you can rely absolutely on over 20 years of demonstrable experience, expertise in financial operations, and reconciliation management. We automate your reconciliation processes, reduce costs, focusing your existing team on high priority tasks.


CALIXYS thrives on bringing together everything you need to transform your business in the way that works best for you.

Reconciliation Automation

Improve your business operations by automating your reconciliation processes. CALIXYS ensures full traceability and auditability of your transactions.

Financial Control & Account Certification

Centralise all your financial data within one platform. Automate your reconciliation and remediate financial issues with speed and efficiency.

Data Reliability & Management

Our innovative platform will allow ingestion and normalisation of data from any source whatever the format.

Develop Your Business with CALIXYS

CALIXYS is a software company specialising in managing financial operations and reconciliation process’s, leveraging 20 years plus experience. We are proud to demonstrably support entrepreneurs and business owners from the Banking, Insurance, and E-Commerce sector to create a more profitable and sustainable business.

CALIXYS designs and builds software that enables the business to improve processes, reduce costs, thereby enhancing profitability for your business. Since 2011, CALIXYS has helped Banking, Insurance and E-Commerce companies implement effective financial and reconciliation strategies by leveraging its expertise and comprehensive platform. Discover a new way of doing things with a truly trustworthy partnership.

CALIXYS and its professional team are committed to providing you with world-class support at every step of your business journey.

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