A look back at our participation at Paris Retail Week 2023 

A look back at our participation at Paris Retail Week 2023 

We’re delighted to share with you our experience at Paris Retail Week, which took place on September 19, 20, 21, 2023 at Porte de Versailles, where we had the opportunity to promote the XREC solution for payment and transaction reconciliation.

We met new people and exchanged ideas on our stand about the XREC solution for payment and transaction reconciliation. 

This event was a completely new experience for our team and enabled us to see just how dynamic and constantly evolving the E-commerce sector is. It was therefore important for us to share with you our feedback on this major event based on the future of E-commerce. 

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🛒 Dynamism of the E-commerce sector

During our participation in Paris Retail Week, we witnessed the incredible dynamism of the E-commerce sector. Companies around the world are competing to offer the best online shopping experiences, the most innovative payment options and the fastest delivery methods. This constant competition drives industry players to stay at the cutting edge of technology and constantly seek solutions to meet changing consumer needs

Matching payments & transaction : key to success in the E-commerce world 🚀

One of the most striking aspects of our experience at Paris Retail Week was the growing awareness of the importance of reconciling payments and transactions. In an environment where online payment volumes are increasing rapidly, companies need effective tools to manage and reconcile these transactions. Reconciliation errors can lead to financial losses and compliance issues, further underlining the importance of solutions such as  XREC

What makes the E-commerce industry particularly captivating is the constantly evolving requirements for payment and transaction matching. Payment methods are changing, consumer buying behavior is evolving, and regulations are undergoing frequent change. As a result, companies need to adapt quickly to stay competitive. In fact, we’ve noticed that some companies are still using Excel for their reconciliations, which is a source of errors and a waste of time. Others may be unaware of automated tools dedicated to payment reconciliation.

Our commitment to a revolutionary future in E-commerce

This participation enabled us to see just how much demand there is for payment reconciliation. We are committed to our mission of innovating and proposing solutions that are at the cutting edge of payment reconciliation. 


What makes us different ? 

Listening to their needs and involving them in the evolution of the XREC solution so that it can support them in this constantly changing environment. 

We’re delighted to have had the opportunity to share our expertise in payment and transaction reconciliation with other key players in the e-commerce industry. We look forward to continuing to work with our customers to help them meet tomorrow’s challenges in this dynamic and constantly evolving sector. 

We’d like to thank everyone who visited our stand and interacted with us at the event. Stay tuned for more exciting innovations from XREC, and we look forward to seeing you at Paris Retail Week 2024!

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