A reliable and well-defined process for automatically closing accounts at a period end

The Solution XCERT – The Best Choice
For Your Accounting Close Management

The process of closing an accounting period, prior to audit and validation signature is complex, time-consuming and carries inherent risk. The finance teams and account owners are heavily involved in the complex process of validating statements and justifying variances that require a high degree of accuracy.

The most complete

Integrate the processes of account reconciliation and period end closing into a single solution

THe Most intelligent

Eliminate repetitive tasks and reduce operational risk throughout the automation process

The most Flexible

Monitor all accounts throughout the whole process with complete transparency and traceability


The XCERT solution by CALIXYS is an innovative approach that allows the company to automate period end closing of accounts, ready for auditing and validation with an understandable well-organised process. CALIXYS has integrated the processes of account reconciliation and period-end closing of accounts into one solution. Your organisation can now directly process the entire period-end accounting close life cycle on a single platform with great accuracy and economies of scale.


The XCERT solution is the perfect choice for gaining real-time governance into your financial closing process. The XCERT solution ensures regulatory and corporate compliance. The organisation can quickly remediate exceptions throughout the whole process on this leading-edge comprehensive platform. The remarkable capacity of XCERT accelerates your period-end closing accounts process without sacrificing accuracy and quality.

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