We build our solutions with high level of security approach
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The security of our customers’ data is the top priority

Les pratiques de sécurité et de confidentialité sont intégrées dans tous nos processus et la solution dispose d’un haut niveau de cryptographie en transfert de données et en stockage. De nombreux clients qui sont soumis à des exigences de sécurité strictes telles que les services financiers : banques, assurances et d’autres encore font confiance aux offres d’hébergement de CALIXYS


The solution held in the service is encrypted and equipped with TLS 2.0 Protocol plus RSA 2048 SSL Certificate.

There is a dual-factor authentication option to keep your data safe from unauthorised users. You can activate dual-factor authentication by using a code generator such as Authy or Google Authenticator. Code generator can generate random code from your smartphone, and it will be valid for you to verify your account within a short period of time.



CALIXYS’ business data is stored in OVHcloud. We continue in collaboration with our hosting provider and ensure that we are up-to-date compliant with these industry standards and business requirements such as PCI-DSS, ISO/IEC 27001, SOC 1 TYPE II and SOC 2 TYPE II.

Your data is safely stored in our data centre. OVHcloud offers CALIXYS the ability to build and host data in various geographical regions. For example, if your company is based in France, your data will be stored and remained within France territory in the EU region.

Serial security measures are taken into place to protect our server and your data. CALIXYS regularly performs a security penetration test by authorised organisations, and we always deliver the simulation results to our customers at the very end of the test.



We provide our customer an environments with high level of cryptography

  • Encryption of source files – All source files that are uploaded to the solution can be encrypted with industrial standard – AES 128/256
  • Encryption of Highly sensitive information – Highly sensitive information can be encrypted directly within in our solution database

All database backups are also encrypted.



CALIXSY has a strict internal policy regarding access to the customer base and data. We have processes to guarantee that access to customer data will be granted only on our customers’ explicit permission and necessary maintenance from our technical personnel.

The restricted database containing technical information or records is granted solely by authorised personnel with technical support only.

The General Data Protection Regulation was released by the European Parliament on 14 April 2016. As a French company within the EU region, CALIYXS must comply with the regulation.

CALIXYS commits to all our contracts carefully with the General Data Protection Regulation. Since 2016, CALIXYS has implemented the necessary processes to meet the requirements of the GDPR, which also ensure the security and privacy of your data.


Implementation & training

CALIXYS supports you at your own pace during the implementation of the CALIXYS platform and the transformation of financial & accounting control processes.


Our customers’ satisfaction is our first priority. We deliver several updates during the year to meet current and future needs.

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