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Automate your financial control with CALIXYS

Facing competition in a rapidly changing and highly regulated environment, the company should have the ability to perform financial control activities accurately and efficiently. By eliminating the need for time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks throughout the process, CALIXYS can help the company to overcome the challenges and meet regulatory requirements at the same moment.




Full audit trail




Reduce the financial closing period


Strong response to regulatory requirements


Reduce operational risks

Grow your business with CALIXYS

We created a robust platform to meet your business needs and empower your teams to succeed. Enhance your financial control quickly and easily with the CALIXYS platform.

A robust but easy-to-use solution

The company can centralise the financial flows by using the single platform CALIXYS and perform transversal analysis across different data types.

The company can quickly provide an accurate overview and insightful reporting for its clients. Since the operation is fully automated with a great capacity of analysing up to 1M transactions per minute, the company can achieve automation-driven financial close without having time-consuming and low-value-added tasks.


Comprehensive responses to regulation

The workflow can be redefined and customised according to the company’s requirement with the platform CALIXYS. The platform also supports comprehensive audit trails with transparency and accountability.​ The users can easily follow the reconciliation cycle and complete the certification processes quickly and timely.

A great capacity for storing historical records or documents in an archive allows the company to archive and maintain the data for several years.


Accurate and reliable financial data

Full automation ensures the quality and accuracy of the analysis outcome. By eliminating repetitive and time-intensive manual tasks, your team now can focus on reconciliation results rather than the process itself.

The platform CALIXYS can help you to undertake effective financial management through an efficient financial control.


Reconciliation Automation

Simplify, standardise and automate the financial reconciliation to increase productivity and reduce operational risk significantly.

Account Certification

XCERT solution offers a modern approach for finance and accounting departments by eliminating manual tasks and traditional spreadsheets.

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