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Designed for managing your data

Data reliability is a significant challenge for a company’s development and growth. The company should attach importance to data completeness and quality, especially in the current context of globalisation with the increasing volume of data, particularly in the banking, insurance and e-commerce sectors. The platform CALIXYS can manage millions of data and transactions with high accuracy.

Unify your data effectively

CALIXYS helps you to centralise your data and information into one single platform and quickly detect discrepancies. You can quickly access up-to-date data analysis regardless of the scope.

It is time to free your team from worrying the data completeness and quality in a multi-ERP context with the solutions of CALIXYS.

Get your financial data done right

With the capacity of data importing, matching, reconciling and deduplicating, CALIXYS’ platform can centralise all your financial data sources efficiently. The company can easily access well categorised and up-to-date information regardless of the scope.

The risk of having unreliable data from multi-disparate systems is significantly reduced.

Transversal development and usage of data

The platform CALIXYS streamlines your time-consuming process by consolidating and centralising the data from disparate systems. With its great capacity, you can also maintain the quality and reliability of the imported data.

You and your team can promptly perform accurate data analysis with different internal departments and swiftly react to reconciliation.

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