Efficiently process and control all incoming and outgoing payments and transactional data between your back-office, online marketplace and payment service provider on a single platform, CALIXYS

Centralise all transactions on a single platform, CALIXYS

While e-commerce transactions volumes are rapidly growing, the back-office accounting functions face complex challenges in processing high volumes of transactions from a wide range of online marketplaces, in different currencies, and with varying payment methods.

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What are the major challenges encountered in ecommerce accounting and financial control management?

Although e-commerce transaction volumes have increased exponentially recently, only a few merchants have implemented robust systems which can anticipate fraud and reduce risk by verifying all transactions from different online marketplaces and payment service providers.

The situation can become much more complicated if you have to manage several points of sale simultaneously. Moreover, the traceability of transactions is not easy to follow and analyse between different POS and PSP service providers.

This may negatively affect the company’s profitability as the processes and requirements become more complex and time-consuming.

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CALIXYS’ XREC solution addresses all transactional reconciliation and matching issues, allows you to focus on organisational cost, profitability and risk.

This is achieved by fully automating reconciliation and matching, allowing you to quickly detect breaks and discrepancies as soon as the transactional data is available.

With its intuitive, leading-edge interfaces and true multi-source reconciliation and matching, your teams can exchange information more efficiently in a single, secure environment.

The solution adapts easily to your organisation, whether only for one platform and market or several sales points in different countries.

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CALIXYS’ XREC solution is designed to service the e-commerce business environment that receives, manipulates, and processes vast volumes of transactional data and accounts for high speed exchange operations across different marketplaces in multiple geographical zones.

Its flexibility and functionality will easily consolidate, reconcile, and match all payment transactional data from multi-parties, including your back-offices, online marketplaces, payment service providers, and banks.

With transparent and auditable end-to-end control, and regulatory compliance as standard, you will make e-commerce reconciliation and matching processing more cost effective and timely with the XREC solution.


  • A 100% configurable matching engine.
  • Identify breaks and outstandings, quickly organise remedial solutions.
  • Quick and easy export of data to your current enterprise resource planning systems.
  • Complete audit trail for transparency, auditability and regulatory compliance.


The security of your data is an absolute priority for CALIXYS.

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Implementation & Training

CALIXYS supports your implementation of the solution at your own pace.

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Your satisfaction is our priority. We carry out several updates per year.

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